Harassment prevention training is good for your business in two ways. Its not only the law, but harassment in the workplace can damage your employee’s morale and your company’s productivity.

Harassment in the workplace, whether its sexual harassment or harassment based on another protected characteristic, such as race, age or disability, is a serious issue.

California employers of five (5) or more employees, are required to provide harassment prevention training to all employees every two years. Supervisors must receive two hours of training, and all other employees must receive one hour of training. Even temporary and seasonal employees must be trained. Training must include a component on the prevention of abusive conduct, as well as a component on harassment based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Training must take place within six months of hire or promotion, and all employees must be retrained every two years thereafter. Seasonal and temporary employees or employees hired to work less than six months, must be trained within 30 calendar days after hire or within 100 hours worked, whichever is earlier.

As an employer, you may be liable for acts committed by supervisors and employees. To prevent or stop sexual harassment, you must understand what constitutes sexual harassment, as well as other forms of harassment, as defined under both California and federal law.