Stay Interviews promote a more intimate relationship between employers and employees. As a manager, you need to know what the employee wants and why they choose to continue working with you.

Let employees know that using the Stay Interviews is the company’s way of making an effort to gain honest feedback and be transparent in the challenges they are looking to address. That the meeting’s primary purpose is to foster trust and engagement, supporting employees in their roles and in their careers.

Managers must lead these meetings. Uncovering potential reasons for quitting gives managers time to address concerns before an employee decides to jump ship for another organization.

Sample Stay Inteview questions could include:

What do you look forward to each workday?
What do you like most, or least about working here?
What keep you working here?
If you could change something about your job, what would it be?
What would make your job more satisfying?
How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?
What talents are not being used in your current role?
What would you like to learn here at the organization?
What motivates you, or demotivates you?
What can I do to best support you?
What can I do more of, or less of, as your manager?

By Conducting a Stay Interview you are going to learn things that you’re going to react to, but that’s the point. Ignoring potential problems won’t make them go away.