Employers taking a stance on social and political issues may alienate employees and clients.  By taking a hard stance, a company exposes themselves to potential HR liability and open themselves up to potential HR liability as well a public relations crisis.  It is neither advisable nor beneficial for employers to take a position on controversial issues.  Taking a stance is a risk that most companies cannot afford to take, especially in today’s extremely polarized and competitive climate.

Studies show that taking a hard line stance on political or social issues negatively affects a company’s recruitment efforts. Employers who do this will turn off some applicants who feel differently from the company.  Some employees can feel that their employer’s stance on a controversial social or political issue can create a hostile work environment.  They could argue that they are being marginalized or discriminated against. 

To summarize, employers who take positions on hot-button issues can do more harm than good.  It’s more productive and less risky for a company to stick to their business objectives at hand and to foster a collaborative and supportive workplace for all employees and future recruits.