According to research conducted at top-tier business schools, credibility is the most important characteristic for a manager to have. Credibility as a manager allows your employees to look at you as a reliable resource for information and decision making. A manager with credibility has gained the respect of his peers and employees by displaying strong, positive attributes. Credibility can also translate into improved staff performance.

Credibility does not happen overnight. It’s the day-by-day actions that influence whether employees not only follow their manager, but great managers take that extra mile to do an outstanding job.

Below are some ways to gain and maintain high levels of credibility with your team:

Be Loyal

Your credibility as a manager is gained by remaining loyal to your employees and watching out for their best interests.

Trust Your Employees

Delegating responsibility and showing trust in the ability of your employees is an important factor in developing credibility.

Respect Your Employees

Working with your employees and giving them respect, while maintaining your position as a Manager goes a long way, and it helps develop leadership credibility.

Avoid Making Overstatements and Exaggerating

When trying to motivate your employees, do not exaggerate. That will make a Manager seem less trustworthy and employee morale will wither as their trust in you begins to fade.

Maintain Your Employees’ Privacy

Your employees need to be able to trust in you as their manager in order to be persuaded by you. As a Manager, you need to prove to be trustworthy by keeping their private information private.

Don’t Make Promises That You Can’t Keep

Promises that are not kept become lies regardless of the reasons why. Say what you do and do what you say.

Don’t Guess When You’re Unsure

Guessing means that some of the time you’re giving out wrong information. Be known as the manager whose information is always correct.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Color Your Judgment

Managers should stay as calm, rational, and objective as they can, even when they are frustrated or angry. It is easy for a Manager to dismiss those suggestions as being bad or useless ideas. A manager will have more credibility if they assess the employee’s ideas honestly and acknowledge if they are good ideas.